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YEVO Opportunity

YEVO Opportunity

Join the YEVO opportunity, and you can be a part of the hottest MLM program around today. YEVO is changing the world by providing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that people of all ages can enjoy, all at an affordable price, with the opportunity for individuals to make thousands of dollars each and every month selling the products and recruiting new members to the program.

What is YEVO?

YEVO is a new MLM program that offers delicious tasting dehydrated foods that are easy to prepare and healthy to consume. These foods contain 50% of the 43 nutrients that a person depends on from food. This means that just two meals per day can provide the total nutritional value that a person needs. Although YEVO isn’t a diet, using these meals can certainly help you lose weight and body fat.
Since these meals are dehydrated, it takes nothing more than the addition of water to prepare a meal. This makes it easy for kids all the way up to adults to enjoy the meals at any time, and at any place. In a matter of minutes, these foods are ready to eat and since they taste great, they are meals that will want to be enjoyed time and time again.

Joining the YEVO Opportunity

If you want to join the YEVO opportunity, you can do so by choosing a membership package. There are several of them available for you so that you can get just what you are looking for in a new MLM opportunity. There is little risk for those who are ready to get started.

The basic membership costs just $50, while the Silver Pack is $224 and the Gold Pack is $480. If you prefer, you can join a Platinum membership for a cost of $540. You can choose any of these packages to get you started.
You will start earning money with YEVO from day one, with earnings of 15% of all sales made. There is a low PV of just $100 – $200. Only half of this needs to come from personal sales, unless, of course, you can sell this amount each month. If so, then you do not have to worry about any kind of personal sales.

Many Levels to Earn From

There are seven different levels for you to earn from, and as you would expect, the higher your level, the more money you can make. In addition to the commission earned on each sale that you make, you can also earn many different bonuses on a weekly and a monthly basis, including the fast start bonus if you achieve Silver status in the first 30 days, and the Infinity bonus.

The YEVO opportunity is one that anyone can enjoy, if they are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are ready to get in on this ground breaking opportunity, get in touch with us today for more information or to join right away. You are responsible for your future, and there isn’t a better way to take control than with YEVO!

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