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YEVO Compensation

YEVO Compensation Plan

The YEVO compensation plan is one of the very best in the world of MLM. Marketers who join the program can make a substantial amount of money weekly and monthly, with only minimal effort required. In addition to earning commission off of every sale that is made, marketers also earn nice bonuses and have the benefit of turning their unhealthy lifestyle into a new and improved way of living.

A Little goes a Long Way

It takes just three active distributors in your downline to earn money on all 7 levels of commission. Yes, just three distributors actively selling, and you are in business to earn a large paycheck month after month. Imagine what happens when those three people recruit three and so on and so forth. Try to find another MLM program that offers this luxury. Considering that YEVO offers natural, healthy, and great-tasting foods, it isn’t hard to attract interest to the company. With each pre-packed, dehydrated meal costing an average of just $4, the affordability of them is also attractive to buyers and distributors alike.

Nine Ways to Earn

There are a total of nine ways to earn money with YEVO, which is yet another plus of the program. This includes a Fast Start bonus, which is earned when Silver level status is achieved within the first 30 days of joining; an infinity bonus; Advancement bonus, a personal sales bonus, preferred customer bonus, team building bonus, a leadership bonus and a Global Pool bonus.

Only 50% of your PV sales should come from your own personal purchases, and if you are able to sell the monthly $100 – $200 quota, there’s no purchase that you need to make. It is simple; it is easy; and very lucrative. YEVO plans to be a multi-billion dollar company in the next couple of years, and with such phenomenal pay scales for distributors and attractive products, there is no question this status can be attained.

The Pay Development Team
Dan Jensen Consulting developed this lucrative pay plan. It is known as a uni-level pay plan, which makes it cut and dry, and simple for even new marketers to understand. You earn on the retail price of the product. So, if you sell $100, you earn commission on $100 worth of sales. During the first 30 days of membership, sales commissions increase to 25%, which is a great way to get started.

With nice bonuses, great commissions, and products that people really want and need, it isn’t unrealistic to expect to earn $4,000 or more on a monthly basis. The more that you work, the more that you make, and you can certainly increase your potential money making abilities.

The Bottom Line With YEVO Compensation

YEVO is a company that can put you on the road to success. A secure financial future and a life of health and wellness are benefits that you cannot turn away from. When you’re ready to break free from the ordinary and do something extraordinary, YEVO is ready to help you change your life.

Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

YEVO Opportunity

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