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Why Is YEVO Going To Redefine The Food & MLM World?

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Yevo is a new healthy food company that will bring joy to many people in Louisiana and the world who are struggling to improve their health. This new Yevo healthy food will be launched in Feb 2015 for shoppers who would be looking for ways to improve their health. We have a team starting in Louisiana and plans are to have several team meetings to take place in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria and North Louisiana areas. The first meetings are planned for the area of Hammond, Ponchatoula, Mandeville, Madisonville, Denham Springs and Walker areas. The exact locations are pending announcement.

Some of the top experts in the food industry have put their efforts into making Yevo a true healthy foods product. When you eat a meal, you will always have 15 to 26 grams of protein in a serving.  There will also be 50% of 43 essential nutrients that play an important role in your bodies overall health in each serving. This feature should make this food one of the highest rated when seeking a healthy food product. There are not many healthy foods like the YEVO foods that are on the market.

YEVO has also ensured that they plan to create over 100 healthy foods for shoppers to choose from depending on your taste and preference. This number will increase over time. The company will be launching the company with 6 breakfast type of foods and expand from there. Every few months a new group of food products will be offered. The manufacturers of these foods have ensure that people can buy from several options of cheese and macaroni, oatmeal and soup and sausage and mashed potatoes when they need to improve their health. All these foods have high level of fiber as well as omega 3 fatty acids that often play an important role within the body.

YEVO food will also provide an opportunity to people who would like to control the portion as well as calories that you eat daily when you need to improve your health. Research has indicated that these foods can help a person improve their health without having any side effects when compared to the supplements that people often spend money on when they need to improve their health.

In terms of price, these foods will be available in the market at a fair price when compared to what the market provides. The cost of an average meal will be $3 to about $6. Two meals will supply a person with 100% of the 43 essential vitamins and minerals their body needs. Many people may see an improvement in their health in a couple of months because they are eating healthy for the first time in their life.  According to recent research, most Americans spend in between $ 5 and $ 15 per meal when buying from retail outlets and this food would reduce the cost of meals by over 100 percent for many people.

YEVO foods shelf life is estimated to be in the area of 2 years. This is comparable to the present store bought foods. In the end, the food will definitely have an impact on the lives of many people who would like to improve their life standards through healthy eating.

YEVO Louisiana Team Meetings

For more information call (Rent This Space). Please say you are calling about YEVO Foods and leave a message and someone will call you back shortly. We are looking forward to talking to you and getting your team started. If you live in Louisiana in the area of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Walker, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Madisonville, Metairie or Greater New Orleans call for YEVO Team Meeting times.

We are just getting started and will be looking for team leaders through out the United States. Our start-up states are Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The Dallas Texas area is one we plan to get going early on along with the YEVO Louisiana team.

YEVO Compensation Plan

Everyone is asking for the compensation plan so I wanted to add that to this site. Below you have the two page comp plan. Look it over and feel free to ask questions. If we do not have an answer we can sure get it for you.

Yevo Foods Reps Wanted

Yevo Foods

I hope this helps answer any questions about the money side of the business. For many this is the most important part of the business. Many of us are the type of person that needs a quality product to market. I believe that YEVO Foods will be of the quality that all of us can be proud of.

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Disclosure: Network Marketing Reviews is my site and I am involved with some companies on this site. YEVO Louisiana will not be launching until Feb 2015.

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