Scentsy Inc. is rather new in the multi-level marketing industry. This company is a consumer product producer that focuses on manufacturing and selling candle warmer merchandise. It was founded in September 2003 at Salt Lake City, Utah. It primary uses the party plan business model, and incorporates it with direct selling and multi-level marketing. One of the unique features that the candles of this company produce is wick-less candles, which are candles that do not use flame to spread fragrances.

The Scentsy Products

The strongest point of Scentsy candles is its safety. Since most candles from this company do not use flame to release its scent, it is practically safer than the regular candles one can find in the market. Technically, the candles from this company use 25-watt light bulbs to melt their waxes instead. A candle can be easily turned on and off by just flicking its switch – this kind of setup actually allows a person to get a room scented in a matter of seconds.

Scentsy Products Information On Price-Scents-Availability

At first, the candles from this company might seem expensive. However, it actually is a cheaper alternative than regular scented candles. Since they do not use wicks, the melted waxes can be recycled until they are all used. The warmers can cost around $25 up to $30. On the other hand, the plug-ins the warmer needs cost $15, and one pound of scented wax costs $20.

Scentsy offers a wide variety of fragrances. Few of the popular scents that the company sells are Cranberry Spice, Simply Irresistible, Baked Apple Pie, Coconut Lemongrass, and Beach. The company’s distributors are the best sources or consultants when it comes to choosing the right scent for the right occasion. On a different note, the warmers also come with excellent designs that applicable in different house designs and events.

Availability of Products
Unlike common multi-level marketing companies, people who want to buy the products have the option to get it from the company’s website. However, in case that one wants to receive discounts, it will be best to contact a distributor or join a party host.

Scentsy Distributor Review And Party Approach

Due to the different approach that Scentsy advocate to its distributors, employees of the company experience less stressful work. Most of them have fun, and develop more social connections than other MLM distributors.

The Party Plan Approach
On the down side, some customers and possible leads have complained about the party plan approach. Most of them, unfortunately, experienced inconvenience due to the lack of experience of some distributors or party planners. Most of the complainants were frustrated because of the deception and lack of information that party planners provide. They were disappointed because the parties they attended were actually Scentsy recruitment meetings.

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