NuSkin Enterprises is once one of the most controversial multi-level marketing companies during the 90s. It was founded in 1984, and its corporate headquarters is located at Provoh, Utah. As of now, it is operating in 53 countries, and has more than 900,000 distributors under its wing.

Back then, it has faced many complaints from customers, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has been involved in most of those cases. The main issue about the cases was the improper and deceptive presentations of the products of the company.

NuSkin Recovery As A Strong MLM Company

However, after numerous settlements, the company was able to regain its composure and reputation. As of 2010, the company was able to make it to Forbes’ list of top 100 most trustworthy companies. On the other hand, it has an A+ rank in BBB (Better Business Bureau), which is a difficult feat to maintain.

As an MLM Company
The company gains its profit with its multi-level marketing and direct selling business models. Just like other MLM companies, it offers distributors with two ways to earn. The first way is by receiving commissions from the products they will directly sell. And the second way is by recruiting other distributors.

As A MLM Representative

Together with its trustworthy reputation to its consumers, NuSkin Enterprises also has a good reputation and image to its reps. According to an employee-employer review site, 87% of the employees who participated are satisfied with the company’s employee relation and management schemes. And they stated that they will even recommend it to friends and other people.

Few of the pros that representatives of NuSkin mentioned are:
Ability to earn decently as a part time employee
Excellent employee awards and perks
Work atmosphere is fun and enjoyable

Few of the cons:
Numerous metrics to pass though the most important one is the upsell
Company and workforce size – makes it a bit tough for newbies to get promoted

Quick Glance at the NuSkin Product Line

The products of this company are mostly focused in providing consumers a younger look. As of now, the company sells more than 200 different types of personal care products on the market. One of the strongest selling products of NuSkin is its moisturizers. Next to that are the sunscreens and acne treatments.

Aside from the effectiveness of those products, customers like the fact that most of them are scentless or fragrance-free. By average, the rating of all the products the company sells is around to 70% – 78%, which is high. On the other hand, few of the low ranking products are blushes, finishing powders, and mascaras, which have 26% ratings in review sites. On a different note, just like the products of multi-level marketing companies, NuSkin products are priced expensively.

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