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This site Network Marketing Reviews provides information about network marketing companies. We are just getting this site started as of August 2013 and will be building on the list of companies listed below. If an article is written about a company it will be noted next to that companies name.

List Of Network Marketing Companies and Reviews

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Amway – Review

Body FX Direct – Review – Representative Review

Beach Body – Review –

CashUnite – Review – Representative Review     Cash Unite PDF

Herbalife – Review

Legal Shield – Representative Review

Motor Club Of America MCA – Review – Representative Review

Melaleuca – Review

NuSkin – Review

Organo Gold – Review

Pampered Chief – Review

Plexus Slim – Review

Scentsy – Review

Shaklee – Review

USANA Health Sciences – Review

YEVO Foods – Review

Visalus – Review

More Network Marketing Reviews To Come

More than one article may be listed and the articles will have different writers. Many of the review articles are written by third party writers that are not in the network marketing industry and may not be familiar with the terminology. The Representative Reviews are written by people that are in that network marketing company so they know about that company. I also add the reps name, phone number and website at the bottom of the article that they write. So if you are in a network marketing company and can write an article of 300 words or more you will get added and may even get some leads coming in. My goal is to get this site active and plan to have a lot more added to it as it grows. I will be adding a directory for all to add their own information. I will also have a comment board so everyone can communicate with one another.

The list of network marketing companies above will be growing over time. If you want to add your company please contact Bill at 225-413-8928. Mention this website “Network Marketing Reviews” when you call. I will be adding more reviews as I receive them and as people write them. This is just a start of this website and it will be growing over time. Contributors wanted to add content.

Disclosure: The owner of this site is associated with YEVO in some form. Yevo is a healthy food company that infuses nutrients into its food. The company has a patent on this process they use. The food is also high in protein and fiber which makes for a satisfying meal that last a long time.

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  1. In multilevel or network marketing, individuals sell items to the general public– typically by word of mouth and direct sales. Generally, suppliers earn commissions, not just for their very own sales, but also for sales made by the people they sponsor.

    Not all multilevel marketing plans are legit. If the money you make is based on your sales to everyone, it may be a reputable multilevel marketing plan. If the cash you make is based on the lot of people you sponsor and your sales to them, it’s not. It’s probably a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are prohibited, and the substantial bulk of participants lose cash and the owners or may end up in jail.

    If you’re thinking about joining a multilevel marketing company, get the details before you join. Also if the person that is telling that you will get rich or that you can make $10,000 in a short time, RUN the other way.

  2. I agree with the last comment about MLM. To many people in the business talk about how you can have fancy cars, big fine homes and travel the world because you can get rich in their opportunity. If someone tells you this and tries to get you to join their company you need to run the other way. The days of hype are going to come to an end and quality products will come out on top. If you have a quality products and it does what you say it will then all you have to do is price it right and you will have a winner. Quality is the name of the game. Show me results not fancy cars!

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