Network Marketing Articles And Requirements

This website Network Marketing Reviews will have reviews about many of the top network marketing companies in the United States. The articles that are written on the companies will be done by third party writers, people in the business, marketers of that company and other writers that I may pay to write for this website. When an article is written by someone in the company featured it will be noted at the bottom of the article. Some companies may have more than one review or article written about that company. With so many different companies in this business I thought it would be nice to have a website that reviews all the different network marketing that are in the marketplace. Starting off I want to do reviews on companies that do business here in the United States. These companies can be open for business in other countries but the majority of their business needs to be done in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Who will be doing the Network Marketing Reviews?

The reviews will be done by people that are currently in the company that is being reviewed or by 3rd party people I have hired to write reviews. Having a person that is in the company do the review will make it so it is a current and up to date review. On the flip side having a 3rd party do the review makes the article more neutral in nature. I will offer the person that is doing the review the opportunity to have their name, phone number and company website placed as the author of the article.

Here are some of the requirements for the review and the website in general:
1. You must be in the company you are giving the review on.
2. The article needs to be at least 400 words or more.
3. You can do reviews on more than one company.
4. Reviews must be true and accurate.
5. The content of the article must be original content written by or for the person in the company.
6. More to come as this site grows.

Network Marketing Reviews uses Original Content

I use Copyscape to check all my content so that it is original one of a kind content. For those of you not familiar with Copyscape I will explain what it is. Copyscape is an online service that can be used to check an article to see if it is original content. You put the written article into the Copyscape checker and it will return any other articles that compare to it. The report will give you the location and the percentage of the article that may possible be considered duplicate content. Just because it returns other articles that compare to the one you are checking doesn’t mean it is a copies article, it only means that there is other content that compares to yours. If 50 people write an article on XYZ Company you will probably get back some duplicate content. This is understandable and acceptable because many of us will write about the same subject matter when we do our research to write an article. Copyscape is just a tool and a very good one to use. If something is copied word for word then a red flag will go up because it will show 100% copied content in its return results. You never want to use copied content. First of all it belongs to someone else and you should not copy other peoples content. I suggest that you write an article on what you know and in your own words whenever possible. Researching and reading several articles and then writing your review on what you researched is usually fine. If you do this then most articles pass through Copyscape and are considered original content.

Search Engines and Content Reviews

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo want original content. Often what looks like a perfectly good website gets penalized by the search engines because the content shows up on many other websites. Even if it is on one other website you can still get penalized because the first published article is considered the authority article because it was there first. There are exceptions to the rule but from what I have learned on my own that is usually how it works. With that said I will not be taking and using each and every article. If for some reason I cannot use your article then I will say so and why.

Network Marketing Companies

I am working on a way for people to publish their article as a page to this website. After your article gets published a comment section will be placed under your article. People will be able to comment back and forth and communicate with each other in this comment section. The comment section will not be a place for people to advertise their business. I’m still working on a way as to not discourage people from placing comments here. I think that an open business directory will be the answer to this. I will work on that.

A lot of what I am doing on this site is new to me so I do not really know what to expect. All I can do is try and let things happen. My overall goal is to have a fully interactive FREE website for network marketers to communicate on. If you are looking for a home business I hope this website will be a source of information for you.

The saying “Build it and they will come” is what I am thinking. I also want to build something that you the reader wants. Your comments and ideas are important to me and if I can use and incorporate someone elses ideas into this site I will surly do it.

I will end with this: If you can help enough people get what they want things have a way of going full circle and you end up getting what you want. I want a large website that brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Eack person that contributes to this website will end up with some of these visitors. Maybe they will purchase from you or become a business partner with you. Whatever happens it is a win win situation for everyone on this website. Together we can make the website “Network Marketing Reviews” a trusted place that people want to visit to get their information from.

Network Marketing reviews and mlm product review.

Network Marketing Reviews


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