Legal Shield – My Legal Rights Are Protected

LegalShield is a service that provides peace of mind. Their motto is WORRY LESS/LIVE MORE. So many things happen to us on a daily basis where we say, wow, that’s unfair. What do we do, we complain to a friend, neighbor or loved one. Well now, you can pick up the phone and speak to an attorney. Yes, I said attorney. You see, most people don’t realize that financial issues, are actually legal issues.

Have you ever been over-charged for a repair, signed a contract, or document, gotten a speeding ticket…well these are all Legal issues. Legal Shield can help you. Just call their toll free number to get an attorney near you.

Legal Shield Offers Low Cost Legal Advise and More

From $17 a month, (month to month – NO contract) LegalShield can help you with everything from the trivial to the traumatic. Plus, when you sign up today, they will include a will for you and your spouse/significant other.

This 40+ year old company will cover you, your spouse, and children up to 18 or 24 years old depending whether they are full time in college and/or living at home. WOW!

Optional coverage available for identity theft monitoring and full restoration.
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