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Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct An MLM Company

Jerky Direct Organic Jerky

Jerky Direct Organic Jerky

Jerky Direct is an MLM company like no other, offering a solid and tasty product, at very affordable prices. But there is much more to this enterprise than simply being another MLM opportunity; the products they sell can actually be considered good healthy food choices.

Did you know that beef and turkey jerky is low in fat and full of protein, with no MSG or added preservatives? Health conscious folks are constantly looking for these types of products; and active people on the go, such as hikers, love the jerky products not only for their nutritional value, but their ease of transport as well. On top of that, jerky comes in multiple variants whereby there is invariably something for everyone. Dig organic jerky? That is available too! Prefer fruit jerky? You can have that as well!

The pricing too is quite reasonable, with a bag of Jerky costing about $4 to $5 at the individual wholesale level, allowing ample opportunity for network participants to sell each bag at a premium for profits (given that departmental store prices for Jerky easily hover around the $8 to $9 mark per bag).

Jerky Direct Review

This kind of superior product quality, coupled with a robust MLM setup, makes Jerky Direct an excellent business proposition. In fact that is the reason we already see so many folks out there taking up Jerky Direct as a business opportunity, whether part time or even full time in quite a few cases, especially given the excellent returns the program has to offer.

With many MLM companies a major challenge is the overall value-add of the product in question. Often it is either too expensive, or simply does not offer any real benefit to potential customers. In fact in a lot of MLM instances it has been seen that the actual product is barely in focus; rather, emphasis is placed on adding to the network, or “downline”; never mind the product itself! With Jerky Direct though, that is never a matter of contention.
When you examine the joining procedure you will see that not only is joining free, but it is also very simple. Many other MLM enterprises make the process cumbersome, not to mention very expensive to join. Likewise, any time you wish to quit, you can easily do so without incurring any cancellation fees. Moreover, while joining, you are not required to agree to any “non-compete” clause, which means you are free to sign up for any other MLM enterprise as well.

2 Bags Of Jerky A Month

Chicken Jerky

Chicken Jerky

Your monthly commitment in the program is an extremely affordable at $14 (at the time of writing this piece. That fee also gets you 2 bags of jerky. When you first start up, you also get a FREE website to promote your business. When customers purchase their products through this website you get a healthy 20% commission. Moreover you can get others to sign up for Jerky Direct which has its own lucrative commission structure. This is over and above the provision you have for selling Jerky offline, with ample leeway to do so at a healthy premium.

Quality Jerky Products

As an MLM company, Jerky Direct has proven itself to be one of the best ways to offer quality products to consumers, as well as being a great way to generate income for yourself. Why not visit their web site today and join the family of satisfied business men and women, and the ever growing consumer demand for these healthful products.

Jerky Direct Jerky Products

Jerky Direct Jerky Products