Herbalife or Herbalife International is another popular international MLM (multi-level marketing) company. As of now, it operates in 88 countries, which includes the United States. It is already operating for 33 years now since it was founded in 1980. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. And it is being ran by Michael O. Johnson, who is the current chairman and CEO of the company.

The Products Herbalife Sells

As the company name’s implies, it sells herbal and health products. Few of them are personal care, fitness supplement, protein snack, protein shake, and energy supplement products. Professionals in the health industry recommend and approve most of the products supplied by Herbalife. And the most popular product of the company is the Formula 1, which is also the first product that the MLM company introduced to the market.

Reputation of the Herbalife Products
The main reason that the largest chunk of Herbalife’s customers is buying the company’s product is weight loss. To be honest, the products in general are receiving mixed reviews from their consumers. The average satisfaction rating the products are receiving is around 51% – 68% (combination of Excellent and Good ratings).

By the way, the products that are usually scrutinized in review websites are:
• Thermojetics Chitosan Fibre Complex
• ShapeWorks Instant Herbal Beverage
• Florafibre
• NRG Tablets
• Herbal Aloe Concentrate
• Formula 1 Formulated Meal Replacement
• Formula 2 Vitamin B6 in an Herbal Base
• Formula 3 Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
• Formula 5 Vitamin C Supplement in an Herbal Base

Common Complaint

The most common complaint from consumers is the slow effect of the products. Even though the effects of the products are expected to be slow, it seems that customers do not find it satisfactorily. In addition, most of them mentioned on their individual responses that the weight loss program provided by the company is too difficult for them to accomplish.

Progress of the Company

In contrast to their reviews, Herbalife International is experiencing profit increase for the past few years. In 2011, the company reported that it was able to gain 18% profit increase in terms of net sale, and 16% increase in terms of net income.

Herbalife As A Network Marketing Company

The company parallels with most of the leading MLM companies around the world when it comes to popularity, employee management, and business size. Employee testimonials prove that statement. Some of the aspects they like about the company are its stress free employee management, schedule and work place flexibility, and fun working environment. And since the products of the company are excellent and well endorsed, most people on the lower end of the sales network find it easy to sell them and earn – even if the compensations they get are commission based.

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