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Cash Unite is a unique type of social network hub. It allows you to connect and interact with other social media platforms. This is a brand new online company that has this special technology to make a central hub. You will be able to connect and interact on Facebook, twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Myspace, tumblr, Linkagogo and many of the other social sites. You can post, share, and promote your information all in one location with the idea of saving you a lot of time and the trouble of signing on to all these other social networks. Essentially you should save a lot of time. Cash Unite’s has a patent pending Peer-to-Peer Social Revenue Share System that seamlessly works with all social media platforms and may be the first company of its kind to change the way people use social media sites.

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Cash Unite What’s In It for Social Media Users

It’s unclear what it will do for just the average Joe that uses social media to connect to friends and family. Many an average user just chooses one platform that they like which in many cases is Facebook. This average user is not worried or cares about getting their message out to the masses. Now if they have several social networks they use then this Cash Unite tool may be handy for them. They may have four or five social sites they want to get the same message out to so all their friends may find out about a birthday party they have planned. With one message and a click of a button all 5 networks have the message posted saving them time and the trouble to go to every site and post the same birthday party information. If you do use multiple social media sites, Cash Unite is promoting that it can manage all of them together and in one place at one time. Just think, our friends, family, and contacts, all in one location. This has got to make it easier and quicker to keep in touch.

How Does The Online Marketer Fit In?

For me I think it almost sounds to good to be true. As an online marketer myself, I use every possible social media platform that is out their for lead generation, product promotions, and business building. To think I have the opportunity to have all of my networks in one location and the ability to seamlessly share all my activity across all of my networks sounds really great. Is there a catch? I hear and read that CashUnite claims that it has developed some type of relationship will all of the popular social media sites which makes this possible through peer to peer social revenue sharing. I guess that this means that every social site gets a fraction of the money that is paid as a monthly subscription to CashUnite. Just think of the time that can be saved by accessing all of your social sites on one dash board, instead of logging into each one individually and posting one by one. Other companies have tried this but it did not work out the way I thought it would. I paid a $12.95 a month fee to one company that did something like this but it just did not like the service. I truly hope that CashUnite will be different. This other service did not share any of its revenue. Supposably CashUnite has this worked out. I hear it will be a $9.99 a month fee but I’m just guessing that will be for maybe 10 networks. If you want to add more maybe pay a $1 per network you add. I’m just guessing, this is not the company speaking here, it’s just me.

Get Paid to Connect With CashUnite

This may explain things a little different then what I have above. A different way of looking at it. What is the CashUnite program offered you the opportunity to get paid for doing what you already do? You know, like posting on Facebook and chatting on Google Plus or posting pictures on Pinterest. You socialize on social networks every day but now you get paid to do so. The program also pays you for referring others to the Cash Unite’s services. it would be similar to an affiliate program or even a network marketing company. The difference is Cash Unite not only pays you for your referrals, but you also get paid for your friend’s referrals, and their friend’s referrals all the way up to 10 levels of connections.

$9.99 Enrollment Option

Lets All Join CashUnite
Right now CashUnite is in the prelaunch phase which gives you the opportunity to join for FREE and start building your network of people. The only way you can join CashUnite is by invitation through your personal link that is provided at signup. During the pre-launch phase there is no charge to join. I like this; They don’t require payment information during this pre-launch phase. No credit card info no PayPal username, nothing. After the company launches you will be given the opportunity to pay for their services. Again, I have been told and seen that the membership fee will be $9.99 per month according to the information I am getting.

Does CashUniteit Work?

This is a new company. Time will tell if it works. It sounds good. If they have all the technology in place to handle this multiple account type of platform then we can be in for a real treat. This company could be a real first in the business to do this. If it catches on and works then getting in early will be BIG. Well BIG if you get some key players in. The company has no track record as of yet and no real reviews that I could locate.

CashUnite is a new company. Do you want to take a chance and maybe be in the right place at the right time for the first time in your life? I say it’s worth my time to market this business and be one of the history makers for this company. I have had success in other network marketing companies in the past and in the present. I’m willing to take a chance with this, so a little effort here may return a big payback.

Join CashUnite With Me – Click my link and join
Join CashUnite with me and be part of the CashUniter Team. I have plans for this new business venture and plans for the people that sign up with me. If you are a marketer you can appreciate what this company can do for us. If CashUnite works as planed it will be a launching pad for a lot of our marketing strategies for other companies we may be in. It’s an inexpensive tool that can change the way we do social networking.

It’s FREE to join right now.  JOIN HERE

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