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Body FX Direct business opportunity.

BodyFX Direct

Body FX Direct is the new network marketing division of the infomercial giant Body FX. The company that has brought us DVD’s and products such as JNL Fusion, Core Rhythms, Figure 8 Fitness, Rhythm Rocker, AB Circle and many more. CEO James Kunitz brought on product formulator Don Bodenbach to create a line of top tier nutritional products including a meal replacement shake, weight loss product, protein powder, body cleanse, post-workout and energy drink. As a healthcare professional, I can personally vouch for the quality and efficacy of these great products. The testimonials are already pouring in.

Company Lead System

Besides great products, a lucrative and fair paying compensation plan, and great management support, the beauty of the Body FX opportunity is the free customers and customer leads that the company gives to its distributors that choose to become “Success Advisors.” Each customer that buys a set of workout DVD’s from the infomercial or magazine ads the company runs is assigned to one of these distributors. Body FX will market the nutritional support products to these buying customers and anyone assigned to you that purchase them, you get the commission for it.

Why I Like Body FX

I have been involved with network marketing for many years and this is the first time I have ever received free leads or customers directly from a company. This solves the dilemma so many networkers face which is having enough qualified and interested prospects to talk to. Imagine having a team of hundreds or thousands of distributors all receiving leads and customers directly from the company from their advertising efforts. If that sounds appealing to you, I invite you to watch the 6 minute “message from the CEO” video on my web site.

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