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If you are serious about becoming a successful online marketer, network marketer or affiliate marketer then you really need to be looking at using an attraction marketing system. The benefits of using an attraction marketing system usually outweigh the costs that you may incur by a long shot. The majority of top income earners on the internet along with the top face to face marketers would usually agree.

If you are not planning to use an attraction marketing system then you will have to do everything yourself. So your planning to be a complete one man show? I guess you also believe in reinventing the wheel by putting in a lot of hard work that has already been done buy someone else. I have found that trying to do everything on your own takes up more time then you can ever expect. There are just now enough hours in a day to do everything you need to do. Having a system gives you leverage. Something that may take you days, weeks and even months to do has probably already been done by someone else. There is probably already a course, program or coaching on the market that is available at a very reasonable price.

Team National uses attraction marketing in their marketing plan. They have a complete system for their reps to follow from start to finish. The people that use this system seem to have the most team growth. Click on the picture above to learn more about Team National.

Old School Way Of MLM

Still running your network marketing business the old school way?

Some people choose to still run their network marketing business the old school way. They don’t use or barely use the internet to market themselves and their network marketing business. Many are still totally using old school prospecting by pitching their business to family, friends and strangers. This can be a painful process for the large majority of people because they hear the word “NO” over and over again. They are missing out on using the leverage of the internet. The internet works 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.I have found that it takes a special type of individual to walk up to strangers on the street and start telling them about what you do, or to phone call a long list of cold leads that have no idea who you are, and don’t care about what you have to offer them. I’ve bought many a list of networking marketing leads only to call and call and call and get nothing. Most leads that you purchase are worthless leads. Your so called exclusive leads turn out to have been called by several other people doing just what you are doing. A real exclusive lead is one that has never been called and is truly interested in your type of offer. Usually these are hard to find and will usually cost you $5 or more. More about purchasing can be found here.How would you like to have an automated system that spares you those embarrassing moments when you try to recruit people into your business. A truly automated online lead generation system using attraction marketing methods means that your prospects come to you indicating that they are interested in what you are offering. There are systems that are wide open as to what is offered. People responding may just know that it is a business opportunity and no product or company is mentioned. These are what I call business opportunity leads. With this system you may get a lot more leads then a system that specializes in certain product or company.

Solution to your Attraction Marketing

The major benefit of having an attraction marketing system is that it provides a solution to people to be able to present their products and opportunity without having to approach people with a sales pitch. By selling a person using your attraction marketing system on the front end, you can then recommend that they join your primary business on the back end. Basically you get them interested enough in a product or company that they fill out a form requesting more information. You then get notified by the system that you have a hot lead that wants more information on what you have to offer.A well designed attraction marketing system will provide with a series of landing pages that you can use to target your audiences. Work From Home Moms is one of the top markets that landing pages cater to and target. Another hot market is the health industry. The health industry is popular because as the baby boomer generation matures and starts to retire they seem to be looking for ways to stay young and also a way to get an extra income. Tempting and well designed web pages for you to use as landing pages will bring leads into your system and maximize your time and money. Once the lead is in your marketing system it is taken through a “Complete Sales Funnel” including email auto responders and secondary funnels. Some marketing system sales funnels work so well that lead is actually closed before you are even aware of it. Talk about a great feeling. People like what they see and are confident about what you have, that they sign up or purchase without you lifting a finger. Now that’s a great marketing system!

Follow Up With Your Leads

You still need to follow up with all leads, especially the ones that have now signed up with you.Obviously not many people will buy at first glance of the system, but that is where a follow up phone call and your follow up email auto responders come into play. If a prospect puts in their name and phone number then it is a good idea to call them to introduce yourself. I usually keep this first call short. I answer some questions the prospect has and ask if their ready to get on board in a casual way. If their not ready then I refer them to some other areas of my marketing system and set an appointment to call them back. Follow up is key. It is commonly said that the money is made in the follow up.You now have some leads and maybe a signup or two from using your system. You now need your marketing system to organize your leads in an orderly fashion and provide some advanced marketing tools to help you create more marketing campaigns. Your system should also provide extensive training on marketing, personal development and how to qualify your leads. Having quality conversations with your leads is very important.

Most people will judge you from your first call so make this one of your best. Don’t call with the intention of selling them something. If you do you stand the chance of running off a good lead. People don’t like to be sold. You should call them with the intention of getting to know them better and to help them find a solution to whatever problem they may be having or experiencing. The very fact that they took the time to fill out a contact form and put in their phone number in it suggests that they are expecting a phone call back from you anyway. So pick up that 100 pound phone and call the people back.Obviously not many people will buy at first glance of the system, but that is where a follow up phone call and your follow up email auto responders come into play. If a prospect puts in their name and phone number then it is a good idea to call them to introduce yourself. Your auto responders should be sending out a series of emails to the people that have signed into your system. Let it do the work for you. Well structured auto responder emails will entice and stir peoples interest and often give you a second chance to someone that may have not had an interest. You can set some auto responders to send out emails a year after the first contact. This is a BIG asset. Often peoples lives change and their situation change and that email might just be what they are looking for now. It’s decision time for you.

Do you want to set up all of the above yourself and struggle through hoping that you know what you are doing? Are you willing to take the time and effort to do it right? These are questions you need to ask yourself. You may want to take advantage of a system that is already built to do everything that you could possibly want and need to be successful all provided for you.There are many different attraction marketing systems out there and the prices vary widely. You can buy pieces of a marketing system and fill in the areas that you may be lacking in. Maybe you can design and make your own lead capture pages but need a good auto responder. Some people heir a professional copy writer to write a series of 5 to 10 emails that will be sent out. The main thing is don’t leave out steps and don’t sacrifice quality. Spend the necessary money to do it right the first time. If you don’t and wonder why you are not getting leads coming in or the quality of your leads are not to good then you can probably blame your marketing system.

Maximize your time and profits!

You should be looking to maximize your profits by using the very best system that is available to you and your budget.There is one part of your marketing system that we have not discuses here and is probably the most important part of the whole system. We will be disusing this in more detail in the next section of this blog. I will tell you what that is. Getting traffic to your marketing system. People have to find your marketing system and go through it for you to get any leads. They can find you on the internet or you can give them a business card or some other form of advertisement with your marketing system website on it. This is going to be discussed in great detail in the section labeled Generating Traffic.

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