Amway or less known as American Way is a direct selling company founded in 1959. This American company mostly sells home care, beauty, and health products. Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel founded Amway. As of now, its base is at Ada, Michigan. It is currently operating locally and internationally, and as of 2012, Forbes cited it as the 25th largest companies in the United States.

Online Reputation Of Amway

When it comes to online reputation, Amway is faring well. Most of the online people who dealt and interacted with the company were giving perfect score to the company. To be precise, 38% – 47% of them were giving good feedbacks to the company. However, the number of its detractors is not to be ignored. Unfortunately, the company is receiving 16% – 32% dissatisfaction rating from popular company rating sites.

Good Points

Many customers and reviewers alike agree that the products that this company sells are worth the money they spent. Due to the quality of its products, Amway has been considered one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the United States. Few of the products that are receiving from the customers are its facial mask, facial scrub, and toothpaste glister products.

However, due to the quality of the products, few of them have prices that are above the average. Even though the price of the products is not one of the reasons that people complain about, most of the reviews hinted that it is a bit too much from them.

Amway As an Network Marketing Employer

Amway or American Way has an outstanding status as an employer in the network marketing industry. It has scored four out of five stars in aggregate employer-rating websites. One of the traits of the company that employees always mention in their testimonials about it is compensations. Some of the other frequently mentioned traits are good working atmosphere, tremendous amount of opportunities to travel, and plentiful dinner meetings.

Common Complaints

If one gathers all the comments from the reviews that contained dissatisfactory rating for Amway, it is safe to say that its sales representatives caused the negative reactions of the customers who reviewed the company. Due to the nature of the multi-level marketing industry, this problem is rather difficult to eliminate. Nonetheless, the company must focus on this area to garner more excellent ratings from its customers. Ignoring this aspect of the business may cost the company its customers and the business itself.

Scam Rumors

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that MLM companies are prone to having scam rumors about them. Nevertheless, most of the ‘scam stories’ about American Way on the internet are mostly baseless. The stories are always roundabout and confusing, and only discuss the general risks one can encountering MLM. Anyway, it is still advisable to take those stories with a grain of salt because Amway has been around for a long time and it has stood the test of time.

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