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How do you add your MLM review of the network marketing company you are in or have been in?

It’s easy!
Just add it as a comment at the bottom of this page.

Below I have listed some guidelines for the mlm review that you write for this website. These are only guidelines and what I would like to see done with the review you write. The main thing to get your review in this Network Marketing Reviews site is that you are in the company that you are giving the review on and you are using the products. If you are in more than one company you can write reviews on those companies also. I’m looking for good content to add to this site and your personal reviews will make a perfect fit. I do understand that there will be some duplicate reviews. I will take all mlm reviews into consideration and will list what I feel is the best and most original mlm review and display it first. After that I will randomly put reviews about the same company up how I see fit. From time to time reviews may be moved around as I see a need to make improvements on this site.

At the bottom of your mlm review you may provide the following information. Name, phone number and your website link. You can also add up to 100 words as the authors bio information. Some people may just want to have a name and a link or just a link going to their website. Whatever you chose to do make sure that is what you want as I cannot make changes after it is published to this website. It’s not that I cannot make changes, it is because I do not have the time to go back and make any type of change. Make sure your article and author information and link is what you want before placing it in the comment section below. Your article will be copied from the comment section and a separate page will be made for your company article. Every article written for this site will have its own page and will be optimized to show up in many of the search engine searches.

Guidelines for your MLM review.

  1. You must be in the company you are reviewing.
  2. Reviews must be positive and no bashing allowed.
  3. Reviews must be 300 words or more. 400 to 600 words preferred.
  4. Write your own review. Do not use copied content.
  5. Original content wanted for all reviews.
  6. Author information as explained above.
  7. Use proper English and make sure all spelling is correct.

If you are in a network marketing company and want to get some exposure you can. By writing a mlm review about the company that you are in will give you positive exposure. You control what is in the review and you also can add your company link to your company review.

Network Marketing Reviews reserves the right to reject, change or modify any mlm review or content submitted. Changes are made mostly from the point that will help your review show up in search results. You want people to find you and so do I. This is a win win for everyone involved with submitting information and articles to this site. Writing a really great mlm review will bring in leads and these leads often increases the amount of money you make because people join your company and you get an up front commission. You also make more money when that new person starts producing and duplicates your efforts.

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A Great MLM Review Makes Money









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